Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Republican Hypocrisy: John Stewart's Home Run

For me, this was John Stewart's finest moment.

Stewart, on the Daily Show, did exactly what the Democrats should have been doing all along, exposing Republican hypocrisy. My only quibble with the person who provided this video was the erroneously spelled 'hypocracy' on the title card, introducing this video.

Unfortunately, to this point, we are seeing a Kerry-like campaign, which is why the ridiculous ticket of McCain-Palin is currently in the lead.

With so much material to work with from the candidates themselves...with hypocrisy being the true cornerstone of this entire campaign...can the Dems grow some cojones and start playing offense?

The brilliant Mr. Stewart shows you how it is done...with a sense of humor, to boot. And everybody knows how much John McCain appreciates a sense of humor.


Steve Page said...

It could be that "hypocracy" was a portmanteau of hypocrisy and democracy.

Robert S. said...

Hey there! Excellent find and re-posting...I came here from a comment you left on a Washington Post story...thanks for posting it, and keep up the hard work and postings! It'll take all of our efforts to ensure that rational thought is used in the running of this country for the next four years.

scootmandubious said...

Thanks for that comment Mr. Page...which I appreciate, primarily because nobody has ever used the word 'portmanteau' when commenting on any of my posts!

And Robert, thanks. I know there are many folks who don't get to see these types of posts and videos. They get relegated to sites that primarily are seen by progressives. I used to only post in places like The Huffington Post, but am so sick of GOP lies being accepted as fact, that we really have no choice but to do what we can. And that means posting in places where those who might buy into the lies can see some of them being exposed and debunked.

I appreciate what you wrote.

Maggie Knowles said...

I noticed "portmanteau" right away, google'd, wiki'd, and now I understand. Couldn't do that when I was kid, get the definition or story of something immediately.

Saw you on LA Times Top of the Ticket, your post with links to this video of Stewart - love that show. I did see it on tv, but it's funny the second, third, fourth, fifth time... we need people like Stewart, I think humor is one of the things that can bring people together... maybe... but what do I know?...

I can't wait to hear how they, McCain/Palin/Rove, will handle what the Nat'l Enquirer is about to publish. I can't wait to see Stewart's show that week. You can find the Nat'l Enquirer press release at http://progressivealaska.blogspot.com/

Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I have been feeling such outrage over the hypocrisy I have been witnessing ever since Ms. Palin was introduced as VP. Today I was feeling so helpless and depressed over what I have been seeing reading. Your video of the Daily Show (which I have enjoyed the few times I have watched) really gave me a much needed comic relief and also made me feel less lonely due to knowing that there are people out there with intelligence to understand the double standard. Thanks again for a great post and thank you Mr. Stewart for exposing this even if the majority of the new supporters of the McCain/Palin ticket choose to remain ignorant.

scootmandubious said...

Hi Maggie and An-person.

Always a pleasure to hear from fellow progressives.

I am packing at the moment, heading to Cal for a bit, so I cannot post my extended thoughts about the LA Times blog. I had a nice piece of correspondence from Don Frederick when I began posting there, but I find Andrew Malcolm's posts to be borderline offensive.

I would post there more often, but there is something maddening about posting something and having it go up on the site 6 hours later. There can be no effective interaction that way.

I used to have much heavier traffic on this blog back in 2006, and early 2007, but I took a bit of a break to focus on more internet posting in the past year.

I had forgotten how important it was to keep this updated, because internet posts come and go, but this can be more of a permanent encampment, so to speak.

Even though I will be in Cal, I will be posting again, starting Monday or Tuesday. I will check out the site you recommended, Maggie.

Feel free to post any time. And thanks again to you both for taking time out of your day to post.

Anonymous said...

Trust the community organizing Chicago street smarts of Obama and his team. What matters is the election, not the polls. John Kerry didn't lose the election because he didn't respond fast enough to swift boating. He lost the election because the Democrats didn't have organization where it counts - in the communities and at the polls.

Zia said...

Excellent clip. Found the link on Wapo. John Stewart is one of a tiny handful of Americans who has the intelligence and wit to tell it like it is in an era of jaw-dropping stupidity.