Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why Won't John McCain Release His Medical Records?

The above ad, which has been banned by the networks, addresses a valid question, why won't Senator John McCain release his medical records?

McCain, who chose a person widely regarded as one of the most incompetent people ever to be nominated for the Office of Vice President, has a medical history that suggests there is a significant chance he may not be able to serve out his term, if elected.

Can you imagine the potential disaster, if Sarah Palin became the President of the United States?

One would think that releasing one's health records, when running for leadership of the country for 4 years, would be a no-brainer. Unless, of course, there is something to cover up.

The public has a right to know the health of the person they are considering electing. If McCain has nothing to hide, he needs to release his complete medical records.

If he doesn't, we should assume the news contained in his records is grim. Those candidates running for the highest office in the land release their complete medical records. It is accepted practice. There is no excuse for his continuing to keep those records sealed.

At Think Progress, Dr. Clark Newhall, 1 of more than 2,700 American doctors who signed an open letter to Senator McCain, asking him to unseal his records, had this to say:
John McCain has never released his full medical records and he has severely restricted the public’s ability to judge his health. When McCain publicly “disclosed” his medical history, what he really did was provide a carefully selected set of medical records (1,173 pages in all) to 20 carefully selected reporters who were allowed three hours to review that massive pile of paper. They were not allowed to make copies and not allowed to consult with medical experts during the review.
Dr. Newhall adds:
What we do know is concerning: The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology reviewed the cancer taken off McCain’s head in 2000 and found it to be “highly suggestive of a metastasis of malignant melanoma and may represent a satellite metastasis.” Even with the most optimistic scenario, if McCain has a metastatic malignant melanoma, he has only a 38% chance of surviving past 2010.
I would like to add that there is a chorus of false indignation being chanted by the right-wing talking heads. However, if the roles were reversed and Senator Obama had given any reason for health concerns, how quick would these hypocrites be insisting that those records got released?

Consider that, the next time those pontificating pundits rant.

We need to demand that Senator McCain release his complete medical records now, and we need to keep reminding others to clamor for the same until he is prepared to answer.

Until he does, we should assume that McCain has something to hide.


Tim said...
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scootmandubious said...

Just for the record, people are welcome to disagree with me in the comments section.

However, Tim, obviously a McCain supporter, included a personal attack. That is why his post was removed.

Any posts with personal attacks will be unapologetically removed.

Michael said...

I guess people who ask stupid questions "why won't mccain release his medical records?" do not understand HIPAA. Look it up.

scootmandubious said...

Yeah, Michael, those 2,700+ doctors who asked him to open up his records probably don't read either, eh?

What is stupider than somebody suggesting that the man who would be president, with an ignoramus a heartbeat away from running America, would have to be 100% transparent about his or her health issues?

The mind boggles that you think this is a case to bring up hipaa.

Shirley said...

The HIPPA laws do not mean that McCain cannot release those records himself. All HIPPA does is insure that no medical person can release those records

Shirley said...

Sorry thats HIPAA

Mike said...

My guess is McCain will release them as soon as Obama releases his academic record from Columbia...

Anonymous said...

Well Mike, we know that Obama graduated from Harvard, a prestigious school with very high academic standards (not equal to "State U" where many of us went) with Magna Cum Laud.

No slouch to be sure. But then again, if you cannot tell that by listening to him speak then perhaps there is no hope for you.

Oh! I forgot! "We" don't like those silly "elite" smart people. Yeah. Smart people suck right?

What a red herring Mike.

Back to the topic if you please....why is McCain not being transparent with his medical records....we know why don't we?

Susan in Atlanta

Steve said...

McCain doesn't want to release his medical records. His colonoscopy records will show a clear picture of Joe Lieberman up his rectum.

Anonymous said...

You were right Shirley in your first post. HIPPA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act. HIPPA regulations prevent medical personnel from releasing medical records without the direct consent of the patient. Therefore, HIPPA does not prevent McCain from releasing his records in their entirety.

Anonymous said...

Not only should McCain release his records, Palin should release her records as well. We have a right to know what kinds of health issues these people have. I would also be interested in knowing what types of brainwashing techniques were used on Mr. McCain when he was a POW. Is there a "trigger" word that would cause him to push the button?

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish there was a trigger word and Obama had found it in the debates. That would have been great.