Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why Is Sarah Palin Lying About Troopergate Report?

Somebody tell Sarah Palin it is 2008.

If a bipartisan commission makes a report and states that you abused your power and violated state ethics laws, we have access to the report. We can read it for ourselves. It isn't hearsay.

Which makes me wonder if Palin is taking up residence down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass.

Since the report has been made public, Palin has been making almost celebratory statements thanking the investigation for clearing her.

But make no mistake, the investigation did not clear her. It said she was within state law to hire or fire who she pleased. But the report also very clearly stated that she abused her power and violated ethics laws.

Tell that to Palin. She has been bragging that the report found she didn't violate ethics laws.

Sarah Palin is a liar.

For confirmation, however, look at Monday's fact checker column in the Washington Post.

They give Palin the lowest possible score for her claim, 4 pinocchios.

As the column reports, in a phone interview with Alaska reporters on Saturday, Palin said this:
"I'm very, very pleased to be cleared of any legal wrongdoing, any hint of any kind of unethical activity there. Very pleased to be cleared of any of that."
It is not the only time she has made that claim.

After presenting the facts, the same facts that we have been reading for the past few days, indicating that Palin violated her state's Ethics Act, the column concludes with this:
What is not debatable is that the report clearly states that she violated the State Ethics Act. Palin has reasonable grounds for arguing that the report cleared her of "legal wrongdoing," since she did have the authority to fire Monegan. But it is the reverse of the truth to claim that she was cleared of "any hint of any kind of unethical activity."
For those keeping score at home, this is another way of stating that Sarah Palin is lying.

It's beginning to come off as pathological.

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Sundie said...

Alaskans are uniquely positioned to keep her OUT of the 2012 race by simply telling their truth. Keep writing. Please.