Thursday, October 30, 2008

Campbell Brown Blasts Elizabeth Dole

CNN's Campbell Brown has given a prominent voice to those of us who have had enough of the disgusting Republican campaigning, that has finally reached its nadir in the 2008 elections.

In trying to retain her seat in Congress, Dole insinuates, in her newest ad, that her opponent is a Godless American.

After Brown takes you through the video, she absolutely shreds Senator Dole, and those running similarly offensive campaigns, ending her slam, by saying:
Just say no to your own craven ambition. Just cut it out. Reclaim your dignity! And with only a few days to go, please please just tell us what you think you can do to get this country back on track.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Campbell.

Caroline said...

Good for Campbell, what if Hagan were an atheist or more likely one of the 10 percent who don't really believe in gods but don't declare it? Would she have been defended if accused of being godless then?