Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Booed Dropping The Puck: Video

It was not supposed to work out this way.

24 hours after Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was found to have abused her power in Troopergate, she dropped the puck at the Philadelphia Flyer's home opener.

Despite written reports of a mixed crowd reaction, the above video makes it fairly apparent that the boos were the dominant sound. You can hear the reaction starting about 37 seconds into the video.

Interestingly, Palin, speaking earlier Saturday, had a strategy.

As NBC's Matthew Berger writes:
Perhaps it was Palin’s youngest daughter, Piper, who emerged with her in a Flyers jersey, which helped mollify the crowd. The Alaska governor had even foreshadowed the tactic earlier in the day.

“I’ve been warned that Flyers fans, they get so enthused, that they boo everybody at the drop of the puck,” she said at a Philadelphia fundraiser Saturday afternoon. “But what I thought I’d do is I’d put Piper in a Flyers jersey, bring her out with me. How dare they boo Piper!”
Hiding behind daughter Piper. How cute.

Now is that a considerate hockey mom, or what?


dkan71 said...

Thanks for the "in the stands" video and sound. On the one that's getting the most play, only the initial boos when she emerges with her daughter are clearly audible. It then turns into a garbled mix of loud music, boos and cheers. I got the impression from your video that the booers were in the majority. Thanks for your perspective.

scootmandubious said...

I discovered this video when searching for fan reaction at the game.

I chose to highlight it, because I thought it gave the cleanest audio.

Most of the other videos I saw had all sorts of sound distortion.

I think the fact that this was taken from the stands makes it fairly clear what the reaction was.

Anonymous said...

For being a "hockey mom," from Alaska of all states, wouldn't you think she'd come out on skates to drop the puck?

It'd be awesome if she shaved some ice too just for effect. Maybe then people would say, "Oh. She can ice-skate. Barack Obama can't do that, so clearly she's more qualified."