Thursday, October 16, 2008

The GOP Will Try To Steal This Election

I believe the Republicans are once again seeking to manipulate the results of the presidential election.

Past as prologue

I am one of those who doesn't believe it was an accident that Pat Buchanan, out of the blue, scored an absurdly high number of votes in a heavily Jewish area. In fact, here's a link that shows the bizarre voting patterns that took place that Election Day in 2000. The more I read, the more convinced I am it was voter fraud.

I also believe that the GOP engaged in voter suppression of minorities in Ohio in 2004. Some have reported that the fact tha some people had to wait on line for 12 hours to vote, because there were so few machines available for them, not to mention people directed to the wrong precincts. Robert Kennedy Jr. in Rolling Stone estimated that 350,000 voters were disenfranchised in 2004. Once again it determined the course of the election.

I believe the GOP is in the throes of their latest attempts to manipulate the polls right now.

Sites to bookmark and the Acorn scam

As a reader of Mark Crispin Miller, Greg Palast, the Brad blog and other heavily referenced resources for monitoring and examining Republican voter fraud, I recognize the first signs.

In fact, I was just reading on the Brad blog about the ACORN so-called voter fraud that John McCain is trying to exploit. Go to the link and decide for yourself.

One well-used GOP tactic of the past was to make spurious charges of voter fraud before launching into their own bag of dirty tricks. Then, when Democrats complain, they cow the media into saying that it happens on both sides.

GOP dirty tricks in the news

Some current examples you should examine follow:

1) The robocalls that fraudulently tie-in Senator Obama with William Ayers. But far more insidious than this are alleged calls from the Obama campaign asking for your 3 AM!! I heard a caller speak to a talk show host recently after getting one of these calls. She wanted to warn others of the dishonest tactics that were being used.

2) Voter suppression. Countless examples can be found in places like Michigan, Ohio (with the apparent complicity of the courts?), and Florida, where voters were told to vote by phone.

3) Tampering with the process itself. What a surprise, there appears to be some sort of problem with the ballots in West Virginia.

Or, for the coup de grace, the following should let you know what I think the GOP is capable of.

As a reminder of the possibilities, As posted on Michael Moore's website, here is that video from a couple of years back, showing how you can, as the video is headlined, "Steal an Election with (a) Diebold Machine in One Minute."

Check out the video below and monitor the sites referred to above for the latest on the GOP's efforts to retain the White House, by any means they can.

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