Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did John McCain Betray The Families Of POW's?

The video that John McCain does not want you to see

Watch the following video of John McCain's alleged betrayal of POW MIA families. Follow it up for yourself....investigate....and you will see some interesting behavior from 'war hero' John McCain.

I am not a fan of Bob Dornan, by any means. But he is totally on target here.

One really has to ask...what would motivate a man who was a POW to go out of his way to prevent information on POWs that were missing in action to become declassified? Why was John McCain so eager to close the book on Vietnam with so many questions unanswered and so many families still grieving?

Was there something that John McCain did not want to have aired publicly?

Decide for yourself.

UPDATE: I thought it important to include a recent, comprehensive report on the topic, for those who would like to follow up. Sydney Schanberg had a major article in The Nation last month, titled, "McCain and the POW Cover-Up." You can access it at TruthOut at this link.

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