Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why are we not learning more about who spread the PA hoax?

I find it more than a bit odd that there has not been much further scrutiny of Peter Feldman, Team McCain's Pennsylvania communications director.

As TPM has been aggressively reporting, something smells funny when 2 separate reporters covering the story indicated that details of the alleged crime came from Feldman and not the police.

The reason we need to know is that the implications are enormous. If details came initially from the police, it would follow the normal course of reporting an alleged criminal incident.

However, if this story was passed on to reporters by the McCain campaign, before the police even had gotten wind of it, that would mean something far more insidious. It would mean that this was a planned dirty trick from the McCain campaign.

We deserve some answers.

Please, read more on this important story by clicking the TPM article here.


Anonymous said...

Or a planned dirty trick of the Obama campaign trying to be even MORE deceitful by suggesting it was a McCain operative. This is the behavior of an Osama supporter if you ask me. =)

scootmandubious said...

Hey coward.

Calling Senator Obama 'Osama' says more about the your disgusting politics than anything else you could add.

Gee, did Senator Obama stage the arrest of the neo-Nazi would-be assassins, too?

You are revolting.

I am glad people can see your comments, though. It is just a reminder of who is voting for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, that's some sharp thinking!
But try this one out: it could of been an even dirtier trick if the McCain campaign tried to be even more deceitful by suggesting it was a McCain campaign operative so we'd all make your razor sharp deduction that it was an Obama operative.
And since you call him Osama, you must be a gun-clinging, bible-totter! What will crazies like you do come next Tuesday when the Jesus parade comes to an end!?