Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Alaskan Newspapers Are Saying About Sarah Palin

I was checking out the major Alaskan newspapers today and was given quite an eye-opener.

Transparency...replaced by secrecy

Before the trooper-gate report was released, Elstun Lauesen had some interesting observations in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

In a column from last Sunday, titled, "McCain camp occupies Alaska (Palace coup leaves RNC in charge here)," after referencing recent statements by Pat Buchanan that Palin is being politically indoctrinated by Cheneyites, Lauesen writes:
Buchanan frets about Sarah Palin’s radical policy implant by the neo-conservatives; so should “true conservatives” be distressed by the McCain campaign’s political makeover of the woman many Alaskans once believed was a reformer. Transparency has been replaced by secrecy; bipartisan cooperation has been replaced by stonewalling; and rule-of-law is being compromised for political expediency.
Complaining that the Alaskan state legislature is under the thumb of the Republican National Committee, Lauesen adds: is not surprising that the McCain campaign decided that it is the natural law right to occupy and use Alaska any way it sees fit.

Sarah Palin, who believes her destiny is divinely guided and shares a messianic zeal with many of her core supporters, has virtually turned our state government over to the service of her political mission. Alaska’s Department of Law is now under the apparent direction of an outside alpha-dog attorney, Ed O’Callaghan, who was parachuted into Alaska by McCain’s national campaign to scrub the Palin dirt from the national lens. One big piece of that dirt is the so-called the Troopergate inquiry, with which we are all familiar. O’Callaghan reminds me of the Wolf, Harvey Keitel’s character in the movie “Pulp Fiction,” whose job was to clean up the blood and ditch the body for the employer of a couple of careless hit men.

Alaskans have watched helplessly as Attorney General Talis Colberg subverted the authority of the Legislature in Troopergate. Specifically, Colberg counseled state employees to refuse to testify in the Troopergate inquiry after they were subpoenaed. This advice is contrary to his duty to the people of Alaska.

The McCain camp has not only taken over the Department of Law, but it has hijacked the governor’s office as well. As of this writing, the governor’s press office routinely refers outside press inquiries to the McCain campaign.

Does not have what it takes

Reader Laurie Knapp, given a chance to speak her mind about her governor, in the Juneau Empire op-ed, "My Turn," had this to say. after the debate:
Do we not want a vice president who has spent more than 22 months mastering state issues, let alone national?

The energy policies with which Palin claims expertise were the product of her advisers' experience; they address gas alone, not renewable wind/solar/hydro or clean coal, let alone the nuclear agenda McCain promotes or the waste nuclear power produces.

When she spoke of women's rights, what does that mean exactly? Certainly, not reproductive freedom.
Knapp goes on to write:
Palin would be a 72-year-old heartbeat away from being leader of the free world, folks. We need more than a beautiful woman's love affair with the camera and the adulation of the masses. Please think beyond image and spin and take a hard look at what we as a nation can afford.

Palin is not stupid, but not smart enough to see beyond her own ego to realize she does not have what it takes to potentially guide this country through these tumultuous times.

A warning for Steve Branchflower

What can we expect now that the troopergate investigation has found that Sarah Palin abused her power?

Michael Carey, writing in the Anchorage Daily News on September 29th, has an idea of what's in store:
Investigator Steve Branchflower be warned. If you issue a report on Troopergate before the election in any fashion critical of Gov. Palin, you can expect to be made to look like a war criminal. Or worse.

Thanks to Troopergate, the relationship Palin established with Democrats during two legislative sessions -- the trust and accommodation she needed to pass her gas-line and oil-tax legislation -- no longer exists.

Throughout her political career, Palin has benefited from establishing and exploiting contrast favorable to her. The contrast between Palin the woman-of-integrity and dishonest Republican bosses. The contrast between the fresh new Palin and ham-handed incumbent fossil Gov. Frank Murkowski. The contrast between woman-of-the-people Palin and the public-be-damned oil companies. Even the contrast between young, vital Palin and aging, stiff John McCain -- which perversely enough has helped John McCain in the polls.

Now Palin stands in contrast with herself, before and after her nomination. And there's no benefit for her -- at least not in Alaska where she is still the governor.

I suspect that tomorrow will feature Alaskan newspaper editorials on the troopergate commission's report. I am curious as to what their take will be.

However, as this post illustrates, it's not such a bad idea to see what some of Sarah's neighbors, away from a GOP filter, have to say about their governor.


1-Observer said...

Most interesting! Thanks for doing the legwork on this.

Karmen said...

I agree -- we need to know how Alaskans really feel. Frightening but thank you.

Charlotte said...

Alaska is such a large state that it is hard to say what an "Alaskan" feels about Sarah Palin. I live in SE Alaska. For the main part we are not very fond of her, she has defunded our marine highway system, and doesn't appear to realize we are part of Alaska. But I have heard tell that the folks up around Wasilla and Anchorage are still fairly smitten with her, although there was the biggest protest in the history of Alaska, held against her and it took place in Anchorage.

scootmandubious said...

Thanks for the comments.

My point in sharing these articles is that those that know her best are not always getting heard in the national discourse.

Outside of an Alaska newspaper, where are we even reading about some of these things?

Anonymous said...

The McSame camp has done such a good job of giving the impression that the whole state of Alaska stands as one behind Palin, that I didn't even know there were some dissenting voices out there.

It's kind of sad to hear her claiming that the Troopergate investigation is only a Democrat smear campaign, when a) It was underway BEFORE she was put on the ticket, and b) the investigation was led by 10 Republicans and only 4 Democrats.

Now that the results are in that she did indeed abuse her office, she keeps yapping like she has been somehow vindicated and proven innocent.

Sad. Shameful. Disappointing.

I wouldn't want such a person to wash my car, even less ... aaargh!

Please say it ain't so, Scoot!


Anonymous said...

This lady has gotten genuinely scary, and most of the people whom I know, before discussing her, subtly feel out the response they are likely to get--because some of the people who support her are as frightening or more so than she is--not an atmosphere that encourages open and fact-driven discourse.

I know people who will agree with her that she has been exonerated--because she said it, and that settles it.

Lisa Murkowski, in spite of having been appointed by her father, is a Republican candidate that many Alaskans would feel much more comfortable supporting: intelligent, well-spoken, analytical, strong social conscience.

Thanks for your interest in the views from the other side of the border. This is one of them, and remains JMHO.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin, to an outside observer, in her recent rallies tagging Obama with a terrorist smear and inciting crowds to the point that a woman at a town hall meeting with McCain expressed fear that a terrorist might become president of the United States has demonstrated the kind of irresponsibility that should expose her to be unqualified for the presidency.

I've got to give her credit though. I wonder if she understudied Hitler's minister of propaganda "Ol Joe Goebbles...quick study she is all right.

Anonymous said...

So, one Alaskan writes an opinion piece - and suddenly that equates to the entire populace of Alaska? Quite a leap of logic, especially since she has such a high approval rating in Alaska as a whole...

scootmandubious said...

To the last poster, where in this piece does it say that the newspaper columns I referenced represent the entire populace?

Let me make 2 points here.

First, as to her popularity, in a heavily Republican state. You may not have read, but her approval rating in the state has dropped about 20 points since she joined the ticket. It is still up there, in the middle 60s, but it is a significant drop-off. Why do you suppose that is? Maybe some Alaskans are a bit embarrassed by her?

Second, in a state with such a huge Republican base, it is significant that all 3 major papers in the state had significant negative posts.

Considering the possible backlash from the readership, I found the reads rather interesting.

And they all speak to different issues. 1 piece spoke of the apparent RNC takeover of the governor's office. Another showed that even some Alaskans are turned off by the politics of division. And the third spoke of Palin's vindictive nature, which is apparent in troopergate.

They are 3 perspectives you don't normally get to see, but they were all available to be perused with a check of Alaskan newspapers online.

I chose to bring attention to them to point out that not every Alaskan is in lockstep with Ms. Palin.

If this column suggested that all Alaskans are represented by these diverse points-of-view, please point it out to me.

If you are looking for a story about how incredible Sarah Palin is, or how ready she is to be president, or what a wonderful fair, sweet disposition she has, do me a favor.

Continue listening to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

After what I have witnessed, I would have trouble evenhaving confidence in her to run a small business.

Daton said...

A letter From the Front porch: The Palin McCain Wow factor..

Talk about having a flashback moment..John McCain must have been momentarily reminiscing about his early war years..When he suddenly remembered he was getting his but..kicked again..By someone he has truly associated in his mind with his former captors..Whom he now calls That One!!..Although he did have a recent moment of lucidity where he relapsed and assumed everyone else in his audience was now P.O.W.s too..In his re-awakened nightmare..Wasilla AK's favorite exported vamp "Sarah 6pack" once always lurking in the background..Now is unleashed and thrust to the front and center stage of an unsuspecting America..
As aka "Sarah the Pitbull". Who a week and a half ago 10-10-2008..
Was found by a bipartisan AK..
Investigative committee's final report..To have ever so slightly soiled her GOP issued pant..s..As she quietly considers what she must do to repackage and reinvent herself for primetime 2008 & 2012..As Nick Jans so eloquently points out..She is Sarah the consummate conniving schemer..

Sarah Palin realized a long time ago.."that all men and some women either with or with out Are all affected and somewhat seduced intimidated enthralled or mesmerized by her looks first..Not her well concealed agenda..She however does know that in many ways she is an idiot..But she also recognizes that as a source of strength..Not as a necessarily fatal flaw or weakness in her character..

For in her truest comfort zone inhabited by the bubba and bubbette votes she already has..wrapped the repugnant party..What she is now relishing..
While she has her multiple and (what's another word for("campaign
orgasms") Is that she finally has the wider stage she has always coveted..Complete now with visible access as a bonafide viable highly marketable celeb hottie and commodity..Now she finally has her links to the big rich fat repubcats and their atm money machines..

Inside the very narrow world..She and First Dude Todd normally reside in..She and Todd know that these new to them fatcats will and do want all access to her..To quote her display her hump her pimp her wine and dine her and further "Bubbalize" her and her husband..But sadly by the time the rest of "Main Street America." All awaken from their lust tinged slumber and realize that they may have truly underestimated her..How they America not Sarah and Todd are being setup to be played by them to satiate her and their still concealed ambitions..Many of her legions of wide-eyed fanatics are so enthralled..Most are completely unaware of what her real game and her true agenda is..Her and his Todd's allegiance to their ("AIP Alaska Independent Party centric values instilled long ago)..Nothing would satisfy or validate them more (in their own minds) than to ultimately be not VP. But eventually for her to be President of the U.S. With him by her side as First Dude at any cost..They would have finally pulled of the ultimate successful infiltration.."Old Joe Vogler" is probably howlin just like one of her recently slain wolf pups..

While all the little misguided soft rich repugboys and girls..

Will find out what most of her other obliterated opponents already know about.."Sarah Barracuda" "Sarah the Player" and "Sarah the Slayer". All now left behind her like the dying Alaska Wolf species now in her wake. After being offered up for bounties and sacrificed by her and Todd..Because no matter how seemingly sophisticated these repugcats think they are..

They all will find out too just like the rest of America soon will..They are no match for "Sarah the Destroyer" For the uninformed may never have seen her coming..
Just like most of the already seduced mainstream media now..They all can never get enough of being played by her like a fiddle..While being equally bedazzled by her always "quotable" alluring folksy charms schstick well crafted honed and polished..An attractive dominant woman fully aware of her sexual prowess and her equally sex driven huntress skills..Just remember She always dazzles her quarry with an aura of bs.. While mercilessly circling looking for the thrill of a new kill..A no nonsense huntress on the prowl..Always seeking for ways to confuse her prey..As long as she eats her enemies first and her many detractors last..Consuming All those that will all too soon..Rue the coming of her day...For they all will have underestimated "Sarah the Predator Palin"..I'm betting She will try and return with a vengeance in 2012!!!..While mainstream America and the rest of the world enjoy their fantasizes..About what having sex with her must feel like...So so sad but nonetheless so true..I conclude that you have all been forewarned...What you do about these words is now up to you..cause..From the front porch this is what I can see..
-- df26