Wednesday, October 22, 2008

See Sarah Run.....The Senate!

Watching Sarah Palin in action, it is just incredible that Senator Obama is not ahead by 20 points at this juncture.

Can you imagine waking up on November 5th to the prospect of this person being Vice President? It boggles the mind.

Watch her answer a 2nd grader's question on what a Vice President does and tell me that she hasn't spent way too much time around Dick Cheney's handlers.

I especially wanted to post this version from CNN, found on You Tube, because we also get to see her claim she has more experience than Obama. It's almost as if we are living in a parallel SNL universe.

This isn't really happening, is it? And I didn't even get to comment on her $150,000 wardrobe! Alas, tomorrow is another day.

Pass the popcorn and enjoy.....


Anonymous said...

Who goes to a job interview without a clear definition of the job: Sarah Palin. Obama 2008

Anonymous said...

1st of all... she's an idiot

2ndly... look at her face just after the 2nd question... right when she's saying "I absolutely do" she does this little involuntary nostril flair that looks to me like she wants to start laughing maniacally and dance around shouting, "Power! I'm in charge! I love myself! Power Power! Next stop QUEEN OF THE WORLD... I will rule all!!!!"